United Kingdom – Immigrant Investor Program

The United Kingdom Immigrant Investor Program

In order to settle in the United KIngdom under this program, significant net worth is required. The minimum net worth required is £2,000,000. The settlement may be accelerated by investing larger amounts. Proof of business management experience is not required.


  • Citizenship in this well-established democracy provides a high standard of living, access to a wealth of cultural activities, visa-free access to many countries, and the right to live and work in European Union countries
  • Dependent children of persons settled in the United Kingdom are able to access world-class educational opportunities at local rates.

Requirements for the program

  • In order to maintain their visa status, the applicant must make the United Kingdom their home and must spend at least 50 percent of each year in the United Kingdom
  • The applicant must be able to maintain themselves and their immediate family members without taking employment in the United Kingdom. Self-employment and running a business is allowed.
  • To qualify for the United Kingdom Immigrant Investor Program you must satisfy one of the following prescribed investment levels:
  • Have assets under their own control in the United Kingdom amounting to at least £1,000,000, alternatively, may qualify based on net work criteria as follows:
    Net Personal Assets          Full Investment                 Waiting Time for Indefinite Leave to Reamin
    £2,000,000                         £1,000,000                         5 years
    £10,000,000                       £5,000,000                         3 yers
    £20,000,000                       £10,000,000                       2 years
  • The principal applicant must keep at least 75% of their investment in the UK in UK Government bonds, or in share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK registered companies. Financing of the investment can be arranged for applicants who can demonstrate the required Net Personal Assets.
  • In order to acquire Citizenship and obtain a United Kingdom passport, the principal applicant will need to live in the United Kingdom for 5 years. Absences from the UK within this period must not exceed 15 months in total and 3 months in the most recent 5-year period.
  • Further requirements to obtain United Kingdom Citizenship are to demonstrate knowledge of life in the UK and a basic level of English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic, as well as not have any criminal convictions or contraventions of the immigration regulations